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MSB Elektronik & Gerätebau

Know-how in electronics, device manufacturing and mechatronic systems Since more than 35 years we the MSB Elektronik & Gerätebau develop and manufacture tailor made electronics, devices / applications and mechatronic systems. The foundation of our success is a team of longstanding employees completed by young engineers. In the field of product development, our customers benefit of our experience in research and development, which we have gained over the years and of the know-how of our highly qualified members of staff. Our core competencies lie in the fields of measuring and control technology and digital power electronics with signal processors. We are especially active in the fields of industry electronics, drive and automotive technology, rail technology and renewable technology. Our customers benefit from our “under on roof” concept, which means we handle the complete project process. From the development and manufacturing of single circuit boards to the complete series production and the mechanical construction and manufacturing. The advantages of this concept are: high degree of flexibility and timely realization of the customer´s project.

Milestones in our development

From 2003 until today

2009     Battery charger for locomotives
2009     Alternative energy technology – hybrid power supply
2009     Grid-controlled inverters for fuel cells with planar transformers
2009     Single board industrial PC with Linux based on ARM 9
2008     DC – converter Ue = 1000 V 16 ⅔ Hz / P=50 kW for railway application
2008     Grid-controlled inverter with DC bus for photovoltaic systems
2008     Liquid-cooled power amplifier, battery chargers
2007     Grid-controlled inverters for wind turbines, stand-alone inverters, pump inverters
2007     Power output stage with active signal processor for motor control, active reactive
power compensation, grid stabilisation
2007     Construction EMC laboratory
2006     Battery inverter P = 1 kW with planar transformers
2006     Bidirectional battery chargers up to 12 kW
2006     VGA colour display with Windows CE 2005     24 V PV charge controller
2005     Rotary transformer, non-contact energy and data transmission
2005     Drive technology / high-dynamic drives for machine tools
2004     Inductive distance measurement for power plants with Profibus
2004     uP-controlled high-voltage tester 7.5 kV for compliancy testing in accordance with VDE
2004     High-voltage module 12 kV for air cleaning
2003     MVB-CAN gateway 2003     DC semiconductor switch 1000 VDC/60 A
2003     Power supply / frequency converter with Texas Instruments signal processor

From 1978 until 2002

2002     “Smoke station” for the evacuation of cigarette smoke using high-voltage
2002     Frequency division multiplex data transmission via the UIC line in railway passenger cars
with Texas Instruments signal processor, FFT analysis
2002     Winding short-circuit detector for inductive components and winding goods
2001     Modular and distributed signal processor system with Motorola 16/32-bit
processor and programming in accordance with IEC 1131 Extension modules for
analogue and digital data capture, GPS, RFID with Atmel controllers
2001     AC voltage source with variable frequency and voltage for test and laboratory applications
2000    Second site, expansion of production area to 3,500 m²
1997     Diagnostics display ¼ VGA monochrome
1997     Expansion of production area to 2,000 m² 1996     ISO 9001 certification
1995     19-inch regulating system with Motorola MC68376 1995     Introduction of SMD technology
1992     Expansion of production area to 1,200 m², sheet metal processing 1990
Single-board climate control for 19-inch regulating system with Motorola 6800 series
1985     Microprocessor-based climate control for railway passenger cars with 8-bit processor
1982     New building in Hofwiesenstrasse 23 in Crailsheim
1979     Analogue climate conditioning with 19-inch technology for railway passenger cars
1978     Controls for dosing pumps
1978     Company foundation