Expertise in power electronics and control technology

Due to our vast experience and due to a high number of successfully completed tailor made electronics developments, we are able to offer you a profound technical foundation and a broad range of knowledge when it comes to developing and implementing a solution that matches your requests. Our development know-how comprises next to the area of power electronics, as well the areas of measuring and control technology and also interface technology. In all these areas we have a highly dedicated and experienced team of engineers at your disposal. In many cases we can refer to already existing modules when it comes to meeting your requirements or we can offer you a modification of such modules. We are more than willing to develop for our customers complex systems, but we also offer solutions for simpler applications.

Power electronics and drive technology

  • Voltage ranges up to 1,700 VDC

  • Battery charging technology (lithium, lead, redox flow)
  • Grid feed-in technology according to BDEW / ARN4105 for battery storage (lithium, lead, redox flow battery) , biogas plants, wind turbines, expansion of natural gas etc.
  • Capable stand-alone network inverter with Schieflastbetrieb
  • DC/DC converter, AC/DC converter
  • Bidirectional converter technology on DSP basis

  • Contactless energy and data transfer via rotary transformer
  • Stand-alone networks, single phase and triple phase T and TN networks
  • OEM inverter amplifier (air or liquid cooling)

  • Parallel connection of inverters and converters

Control and interface technology

  • Field bus systems CAN, pro bus, Ethernet, EtherCAT

  • Control panels for electric drive technology

  • Sensorless field orientated control (asynchronous machines, BLCD engines)

  • Vector control for synchronous machines

  • Control panels according to IEC1131

  • Touch control technology and display technology

  • Battery management BMS, EMS for lithium ions and lead batteries

  • Inductive distance measurement (at high temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius)

  • Data transfer with Power Line (modulated bus system for DC or AC cable)

  • Inductive power and data transfer via rotary transformer 10,000 rpm

Power electronics and control technology product examples

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