Electronics manufacturing, device assembly and sheet metal processing all under one roof

We offer you an end-to-end service in the electronics manufacturing of flat modules and mechatronic systems. Because of our state of the art plant and our production depth we are in the position to adapt quickly and flexibly to your requests. We combine the manufacturing of flat modules and the mechanical processing of cooling elements metals / plastics as well as sheet metal processing with a punch laser machine and the bending center all under one roof. From prototype to series production we are your reliable partner when it comes to electronics manufacturing.

SMT production

Thanks to our advanced assembly machinery we are capable to assemble SMD components from 01005 up to a size of 74×74 millimeters. We complete our services with THT assembly, wave soldering and casting or protective coating of assembly units.

We secure the high quality of our products by the ongoing monitoring of our production processes, AOI – and computer based functional testing of the assembly units and on top of that we can guarantee the traceability of our components.

  • Inline SMD line

  • AOI testing

  • THT assembly

  • Selective and wave soldering

  • Varnishing machine

Device manufacturing & cable processing

We manufacture from customized modules to control cabinets. The assembly units are certified and tested with documented test procedures. Besides manufacturing other core competences of MSB are wire and braid assembly as well as the planning of complex wire harnesses. To guarantee the satisfaction of our customers and to remain the high quality of our products, we only work with the highest quality standards which are solely based on a certified quality management.

  • Prototype manufacturing

  • Assembly unit

  • 2K casting machine

  • Cut and strip machine for cable

  • Fully automated crimping machine

Elektronikfertigung und EMS Dienstleistungen von Flachbaugruppen
Wellenlötanlage in der Elektronkfertigung von Flachbaugruppen
Wellenlötanlage in der Elektronkfertigung von Flachbaugruppen

Product maintenance & repair

It goes without saying, that we do support our customers when it comes to repairs and product maintenance of the assembly units, after completion of the manufacturing and after the warranty has expired.

  • Product maintenance and obsolescence management

  • Repair work of assembly units according to warranty agreements

Mechanic & sheet metal production

We are in the position to act swiftly and flexibly to customer demands due to the fact, that we use our own punch laser machine, bending center and milling center.
We are able to manufacture casings made of steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Plastics and cooling elements are produced in our milling center.

  • HSC milling center

  • Punch and laser combination

  • Bending bench

  • Corner and longitudinal welding

  • Pad printing for labelling

THT manual assembly in electronics production