Discover the world of inverters at MSB Elektronik, customised to your requirements. Our unique single-phase and three-phase inverters are ideal for drive technology and grid feed-in technology. We offer customised solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs, with optimum energy efficiency and power factor correction. Our inverters combine performance, adaptability and reliability – the perfect choice for any application, from small projects to large industrial applications.

In addition to our advanced inverters, MSB Elektronik also offers DC-DC converters that provide an excellent combination for battery storage and charging technologies. This combination is perfect for use in domestic and industrial applications as well as for fuel cell control systems. Our products are designed to ensure efficiency and reliability in a wide range of applications and open up new possibilities in energy management and storage.


  • Power range: 1 kVA to 300 kVA to cover a wide range of application requirements.

  • Cooling options: Liquid cooling and convection cooling for optimum performance.

  • Enclosure types: Selection for harsh environments or standardised industrial enclosures, including 19-inch, die-cast, sheet metal and plastic enclosures.

  • Protection class: Up to IP69, suitable for the most extreme conditions.

  • Communication: CAN communication interface for efficient networking.

  • Remote maintenance: Increases flexibility and user-friendliness.

  • Parallel connection: For extended application possibilities.

  • Customised adaptation: Customisation in voltage, interfaces, cooling and form factor to meet specific requirements.

Areas of application

  • Drive technology: Optimised for use in motor control and drive systems.

  • Climate inverter: Used in air conditioning systems, especially for temperature control.

  • Grid feed-in technology: Complies with VDE AR-N 4105 for connection to the power grid.

  • Railway applications: Ideal for the specific requirements of the railway sector.

  • ORC and flue gas desuperheating systems: Use in heat recovery and energy generation systems.

  • Flywheel mass storage: For energy conservation and management in flywheel mass storage systems.

  • Fuel cells: Adaptable for use in fuel cell systems.

  • Solar energy conversion: Ideal for converting solar energy into usable electrical energy.

  • Emergency power supply: Ensuring a reliable power supply in emergencies and outage situations.

Product examples in the area of inverters and grid inverters

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