Automobiles & rail technology

Since 35 years we have been offering reliable and challenging solutions in the area of railway vehicles and automobile technology. On top of a wide range of standardized components like inverters, battery chargers, DC/DC converters, I/O modules and control units we also offer you, to develop tailor made products according to your needs and requests. We take car of the approval processes or standards tests according to the then valid EN-IEC standards for railway vehicles or the requested certifications common in the automotive industry. The elctronic manufacturing of assembly units and systems is one of our specialties, too.

Semiconductor switch for rail vehicles (1700 Vdc / EN 50155)

DC semiconductor switch

DC/DC converter

Power supply & battery charger

Inverter & frequency

compact controller for railway application

Control units

I/O Module

I/O modules

Voltage monitor & engine protection

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