Tailor made electronics development and customized solutions

The development of customized solutions according to customer requirements and the adaptation of products is one important pillar of our business strategy. Below we selected some projects which we completed successfully for our customers. We are her for you from the initial idea up to the serial production and beyond.

DC “asynchronous motor” as a replacement for DC motor with brushes

DC „Asynchronmotor“ als 1:1 Ersatz für konventionellen Gleichstrommotor mit „Bürsten“

As a specialist in the development and production of motor electronics, MSB Elektronik und Gerätebau has recently made a name for itself with the realization of an innovative project. The company developed a DC asynchronous motor as a direct replacement for conventional DC motors with brushes.

This step was aimed at improving the efficiency and ease of maintenance of oil pumps for the pre-lubrication of large generators. By adapting to specific customer requirements, not only was operational reliability increased, but maintenance costs were also significantly reduced, underlining the company’s technical expertise and commitment to customized solutions.

Inductive distance measurement for temperatures up to 500°C

The inductive distance measurement, designed for use in the demanding environments of power plants, is characterised by its high temperature resistance of up to 500°C. Thanks to a sophisticated, temperature-compensated measuring method, the system offers high reliability and is insensitive to environmental influences.

The recorded measured values correlate linearly with the measured distance and can be provided to the user both in the form of an analogue signal and in digital form. This flexible signal provision enables simple integration into existing systems and offers a wide range of possible applications.

Current-heating unit 1000 A

The customised development of a DC-AC current transformer for “baking” motor windings is a demanding and specialised project.

This device is mainly used in the repair and manufacture of electric motors, in particular to harden the windings and extend their service life.

Compressor with fully integrated frequency inverter for mobile use

Designed for mobile use, the frequency inverter is characterised by an innovative circuit design and advanced control algorithms, which have significantly increased the energy efficiency of the overall system – consisting of the frequency inverter and chiller.

A key feature of this system is its compact design. It only requires the space that was previously taken up by the chiller alone. This optimisation, not only in terms of efficiency but also in terms of space requirements, makes the system particularly suitable for applications where space and energy efficiency are crucial.

1 kVA inverter for motorhomes

Inverter for motorhomes

The focus of this project was the development of a 1kVA inverter that is specially designed to convert the 12V DC voltage of a car battery into a 230V AC voltage. This conversion is of great importance in order to be able to use household appliances such as air conditioners or other electrical devices via an integrated socket in the motorhome.

The designed inverter ensures a constant and pure sine wave, which enables the safe use of sensitive electronics. This innovation makes it possible to use household appliances and power tools directly in the motorhome, which represents significant added value for mobility and vehicle equipment.

Universal voltage controller for synchronous generators

A digital voltage regulator for synchronous generators was developed for our customer, which is characterised by its universal applicability and an extraordinarily wide speed range. This regulator is particularly suitable for operation with various drive sources, such as a diesel engine.

A special feature of the governor is its power supply, which comes directly from the three-phase mains. It not only precisely controls the generator, but also records important operating parameters such as input current and voltage, mains frequency and temperature.

In addition, the controller’s circuit board is encapsulated to provide additional protection against environmental influences and mechanical stresses. This measure increases the longevity and reliability of the device, especially in demanding industrial environments.

For comprehensive monitoring and easy integration into existing systems, the recorded measured values can be retrieved via a CAN interface. This interface enables efficient data communication and facilitates monitoring and maintenance of the generator.

Contactless energy and data transmission in rotating systems

Elektronikentwicklung induktive Leistungsübertragung

The inductive energy and data transmission system we have developed for rotating machine tools establishes new standards and represents a unique selling point for our customers.
This system enables the bidirectional transmission of energy and data at speeds of up to 10,000 rpm. It offers an efficient supply and control of motors or actuators, for example in rotating tools, and at the same time enables the transmission of measurement data.
Through years of successful use, the system has proven to be extremely reliable and is highly resistant to dirt and environmental influences. This technological innovation ensures improved performance and efficiency in various applications and emphasises our leading position in the industry.

Power supply for drives with combustion machines

This inverter was specially designed for use in conjunction with a synchronous generator driven by an internal combustion engine. It converts the variable 3-phase voltage and frequency of the synchronous generator into a stable output voltage of 230 V alternating current. This conversion makes it possible to efficiently operate electrical loads and devices with an output of up to 5 kVA.

The robust housing of the inverter, made of powder-coated aluminium, offers excellent protection against various environmental influences. Its ability to operate in an extended temperature range makes it the ideal solution for reliable outdoor operation, even under extreme conditions. These features ensure high reliability and durability of the device, making it an excellent choice for applications in demanding environments.

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