Tailor made electronics development and customized solutions

The development of customized solutions according to customer requirements and the adaptation of products is one important pillar of our business strategy. Below we selected some projects which we completed successfully for our customers. We are her for you from the initial idea up to the serial production and beyond.

Power supply for drives with combustion machines

The converter was developed for a synchronous generator powered by a combustion engine. The in several areas variable three-phases-voltage / frequency of the system generator is transferred into a steady output voltage of 230 Vac, to make it possible to operate electrical applications / devices with a power of up to 5 kVA. The powder-coated casing made of aluminium is resistant against environmental impacts. The extended range of temperature is the best choice when it comes to a reliable external usage – even under extreme conditions.

Non-contact energy and data transmission in rotating systems

The development of inductive power and data transfer for rotating tool machines sets new standards for the industry and is a unique selling proposition for our customers. Energy and data are transmitted bidirectionally with up to 10,000 rpm. It is possible, thanks to this new procedure, to supply and control engines or actuators used for example in rotating tools and to transmit measured values. The system has been running successfully for years and has a proven track record, it is resistant against dirt and environmental impacts.

Universal voltage controller for synchronous generators

We developed a digital voltage controller for synchronous generators with an extremely wide speed range, which operates universally. The generators for example are driven by a diesel engine. The voltage supply of the controller is provided by a three-phase-power-supply. Other functions, besides controlling the generator, are: recording of input power and voltage, net frequency and temperature. You can access the measured values via a CAN interface.

Inverter for the automotive industry

The goal of this project was to develop an 1kVA inverter, which is capable to convert (in vehicles) 12V battery voltage into 230V sine wave voltage. This conversion makes it is possible to use air conditioning or other electronic devices using the socket inside the vehicle.

Inductive distance measurement for temperatures up to 500°C

We developed the distance measuring for the rough operation in power plants. The measurement process is temperature compensated and therefore absolutely resistant against environmental impacts. The measured values linear to the distance, and are available for the user as an analogue signal but as well as digital signal.

Compressor with fully integrated frequency converter for mobile usage

We achieved, through an innovative circuit design and control algorithms, to increase significantly the energy efficiency of both systems frequency converter and cooling machine. On top of that we were able to reduce the assembly space needed by both components. Now the systems need only the space which used to be used solely by the cooling machine.

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