Renewable energy

Our know-how comprises the areas of feed-in technology into the energy network and battery charging technology. We also conduct approval tests according to BDEW and ARN4105 guidelines.

Parts of our development and delivery range are:


  • Photovoltaic inverter and amplifier
  • Bidirectional inverter up to 250 kVA
  • Parallel connection of inverters
  • Stand-alone inverter for T and Tn networks
  • Control and regulation fo micro gas turbines

DC converter / battery charging technology

  • Bidirectional DC/DC converter, efficiency 98%
  • Charging technology for lithium ions
  • Battery management BMS/EMS
  • Battery surveillance and monitoring

Feed-in systems

  • Battery storage
  • Feed-in systems into the energy grid for high frequent micro gas trubines
  • Stand-alone inverter
Grid feed inverter

Inverter for grid feed-in

Grid feed-in inverter


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