Our services in the area hard & software development

One important element in our business model is the development, problem solving and realization of customized ideas. We would highly appreciate it to become your business partner from your initial idea up to the series production and beyond. Please contact us and find out about our excellent recommendations or get more information here on our website: completed tailor made developments.

Hardware development

Based on the customer´s idea or on given detailed specifications we draft a non-binding offer and present our customer an idea on how we intend to solve this given task successfully. The development is only conducted by applying the latest technology, in accordance with the customer´s requests and by considering economical aspects.
We are at our customer´s side until the desired outcome has been achieved, from the development phase via the layout and the manufacturing of the prototype, the pilot series and the field test to the production run. If requested we certify the product or we conduct standards tests (VDE, ENxxx, ULxxx) according to the customer´s requirements.
  • Advise and conception
  • Creation of a specification sheet
  • Circuit simulation and calculation
  • Circuit design and layout
  • Validation and certification

  • Documentation

Software development

We advise our customers to choose a suitable computer platform for the required control task. We usually use for this task a micro controller made by Texas Instruments (Piccolo, Delfino, F28x), ARM (Cortex M4) or Atmel (AVR).For these platforms we use our in-house developed modular real time operating systems. This allows us a certain flexibility when it comes to implementing new interfaces. We use programmable logic components (CPLD or FPGA) to support the hardware, if needed.

For software development we use a standard development tool, where we add in-house developed tools, if the project requires this. We implement system communication layers via different interfaces from RS232 via CAN to Ethernet.

  • Advise in choosing the most suitable micro controller structure
  • Analysis and model designing
  • Rough and detailed specifications

  • Creation of a specification sheet and implementation
  • Tests and documentation
  • Support
EMS Dienstleisungen in der Elektronikproduktion
Elektronikentwicklungsdienstleistungen für Elektronikbaugurppen
Kundenspezifische Elektronikentwicklung
THT manual assembly in electronics production

Construction & mechanics

Besides supporting our customers in hard and software development we also advise them in choosing the right casing and the suitable cooling concept for the assembly unit. Using up to date 3D CAD systems we are able to adapt quickly to our customers´needs.

Our “casing-experiences” range from sheet metal and plastic to injection molding therefore we are able to suggest to our customer the most suitable casing solution depending on the customer´s current environmental conditions.

  • Modernes 3D CAD-System
  • Close cooperation regarding hardware development

  • Cooling concepts: free convection, air cooling or liquid cooling

  • Environmental conditions: from IP00 to IP65

Testing finished products & certification

We conduct tests on all finished products according to our customers´requirements and carry out the certification processes for EMV, environmental analysis security checks or system tests.

We carry out in -house EMV tests which are possible to be accredited. For further testing we are in cooperation with accredited testing institutes.

  • Creation of test specifications

  • EMV laboratory to conduct accredited measurements

  • Climate testing regarding environmental conditions

  • Testing of finished products and standards

Elektronikentwicklung Kunststoffgehäuse mit hoher Trennspannung
Inverter for rail vehicles on the contact wire

Test equipment for series production

We develop for each assembly unit a separate and suitable testing unit to ensure the quality of our products and to be in the position to run functional tests
Be it needle adapter, functional tester or system tests with integrated security testing – we develop and produce our testing units in-house and store data of the test results on our servers.

  • Testing concept creation

  • Programming of the testing software

  • Manufacturing of the testing unit

  • Test results storage

Prüfmittelbau für Elektronikbaugruppen

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