Semiconductor switch

Our semiconductor switches are designed for switching resistive loads in DC voltage networks up to 1000 V and are suitable for a wide range of applications. They support the control of heating registers in rail vehicles, the recovery of braking energy and can also be used in automation systems, in the energy management of renewable energies, smart grids and in safety and lighting systems in industrial and commercial facilities.

Integrated overvoltage protection protects the power semiconductors from destruction. We also offer customised adaptations in terms of form factor, housing and cooling.

Product examples semiconductor switch

Semiconductor switch 60 A

Semiconductor switch for rail vehicles (1700 Vdc / EN 50155)
feature detail
Voltage: 1000 Vdc
Maximum current: 60 A
Auxiliary power supply: 24 V | 110 V (+/- 25%)
Protective function: over / under voltage, short circuit
Norm: EN50155, TX(-40 to +70°C)

Semiconductor switch 150A IP67

15 kW DC-DC Wandler bidirektional

Application: Power control of braking resistors in automotive applications.

Feature Detail
Voltage: 850 Vdc
Maximum current: 150 Adc
Auxiliary power supply: 24 V | 110 V (+/- 25%)
Control: CAN-Interface
Housing: IP 67 with liquid cooling

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